"Well if you ever decide you wanna give it a go, you should definitely let me know.  I’ve got my own wheel at home and everything."  It had been expensive, even having bought it second-hand, but it was well worth the investment.  Working with clay, though, was messy, difficult, and at times, frustrating, but…  it was also probably one of her most favorite past times as well.  As if the stains on her jeans weren’t enough of a clue about such a statement. 

Phew.  Now that could have been way more awkward than she’d intended for it to be.  Mercy had a talent for making things weird for everyone, but at least her last statement hadn’t gotten her in any trouble.  She really needed to work on her social skills.  But now that she thought about it, she really had no idea what she even wanted to talk about.  Being put on the spot like that made her draw a complete and utter blank.  Dammit.

"Uh," she so eloquently began, "I-I’m not really sure.  Maybe just… tell me about you?  And the stuff you do here?  ‘Cause I really wish I could make stuff like this."  The American held up the elaborately designed rabbit doll, eyeing it once more with appreciation.  "Or just… I dunno, man, anything at all.  I’m new here and I don’t know anyone.  It’d be nice to have someone to talk to, y’know?"

The girl seemed to brighten somewhat when he introduced himself, clearly pleased to have met someone who was kind enough to take some time to even chat a little with her.  “It’s a pleasure, Kanji.  My name’s Mercy.”  The girl juggled with her art supplies and new stuffed animal friend to free up her hand, then gave his a firm shake.  “It’s, ah, a pretty weird name, I know.”  Maybe she should have adopted a more Japanese sounding name to go by when she’d first moved to Japan.  But at the same time, she wondered if such a thing might have been considered offensive to the locals.

She needed to research etiquette more.  She had so much to learn.

“Mercy? Nah, your name sounds cool. Ain’t nothin’ weird about it. And to answer your question, what I do around here is pretty simple. I just make the little guys you see in front of ya. Nothing too big. Well, maybe it’s a little big since people seem to dig ‘em enough to buy ‘em.” A smile fell onto his lips once more as soon as she was done speaking. “Y’know, honestly, making things like this ain’t that hard. You should give it a shot sometime. Something tells me that you’d be great at it.”

Having tiny conversations like this was pretty great. Kanji almost forgot what those felt like. It felt good to just talk about the little things that made you happy or things that were going on in life. Better than dealing with punks messing shit up or pesky shadows. It was a nice change.

“Wait, did I just hear you say you were new? I see… Wait again, you’re new here and the person you’d like to talk to is me? Damn, I feel special.” The blond chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. “People usually avoid me so it’s uh, yeah, I totally get what you’re sayin’. It’s really nice to have someone to talk to you. Being alone in some place you don’t know really blows.”

Still was pretty crazy that someone, especially a girl, wanted to talk to him. Girls usually didn’t want anything to do with him. Well, what did he expect? A guy that can sew and that likes cute things? What a weirdo! Ugh, too bad that kind of thinking would never change for some. Mercy was damn cool for accepting who he was. Too bad most of the people in the world weren’t as cool as that.

“Aw man, sorry ‘bout that, this ain’t all about me. Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself? It’s your turn to ramble about things.”

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Time Won’t Heal These Wounds


He was the leader, someone who was fully aware of his surroundings, prepared for any unexpected threats, and kept every member under his protective gaze. His vision was honed to any sudden movements. It had to be the lives of his friends depended on it. With a mere lift of his arm he was able to obliterate any Shadows in his way. In the battlefield they were all aware that every step would lead to a possible trap and the pixelated world around them could change in a mere blink of an eye. 

The outside world was different. Besides the recent string of murders, Inaba was nothing but a humble countryside town. Yu looked up from his pile of groceries in his left hand toward the foggy grey sky. It was springtime which warranted the showers. He frowned a bit, he had been invited for dinner at the Tatsumi household. Kanji gruffly asked that he come over (of course with a slight tinge of pink of his cheeks), and his ‘Ma’ was eager to see him again. It was customary to bring a dish and he was more than happy to make some of his homemade dishes he usually fed to solely Nanako. 

The rain along with the fog hindered his sights, but he had been to Kanji’s home before. With a shurg, Yu assumed the distant silhouettes were nothing more than other pedestrians going home for the evening. It wasn’t until there was a mocking tone that said something along the lines of, “Yeah, that’s who that Tatsumi punk hangs out with,” that he realized something was amiss. He was fully aware of Kanji’s past history with various gangs in Inaba, but Yu never once considered himself a target. 

It was sudden, and completely unpredictable. The sheer shock of the impact of an blade to his side temporarily blinded him from experiencing pain. With the sound of heavy footsteps colliding rhythmically with the rain, he blearily opened his eyes to see a steady pool of red along with his Junes bags. A sturdy armed looping under him to lift his heavy body from the concrete floor only elicited a sharp grunt. With every shift he could feel his body resisting and recoiling in pain. Placing a hand over his wound he applied pressure, something he recalled watching various TV shows, to prevent any more bleeding. 

The desperation of Kanji’s voice kept him from unconsciousness. He distantly wondered if this was what the murder victims’ last moments felt like. He wouldn’t have wished this one anyone. With a shaky exhale, he coughed out, “I’ll be fine,” he paused as heard Kanji’s fist colliding against the ground, “We need to go to the hospital.” 


"Hospital…" The blond wiped his face with the back of his free hand, even though it was pointless in this weather. "Ah! R-Right, yeah, we really need to get you to a hospital!! This problem ain’t gonna get any better if we’re still just sittin’ here!"

Of course. Going to one of those would be better than him trying to patch things up himself. So… How were they going to get there? They needed to get to a hospital fast and there was no way he was going to bike there. How would he keep Yu on the bicycle? Plus, biking in this weather is risky as hell.

Maybe… Maybe telling Dojima what’s going on might help? He does have a car and that’d get them to the place faster. He shook his head. No, there was no need for that. No need to drag others into this, especially Dojima. Telling people what happened can come later.

The only way would be… The only way to do this is to carry Yu there. Would that be good enough? Sure it wasn’t fast or anything, but what else was there?

He looked down at his friend. God, it hurt seeing him like this… Moving as slow as he could without damaging the other, Kanji picked Yu up from the ground and took a deep breath. Wasting no time, he held on tight and began to run. “Senpai, I’ll get you there. I’ll get you there and you won’t be hurting anymore. Everything’s gonna be okay!”

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shh it’s okay, I think you just have to email them


Oh my god.

Oh my fucking god, thank you. This explains a whole lot.

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“Yea, ya did. You broke my heart so kiss to a parting love makes sense.” His tone was that of as a matter of fact, he crossed his arms and tilted his head a little.


"WH-" He stopped. There was no point in fighting with the Shadow. It’s better to just let him have this one. Kanji sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Whatever… Just… Just don’t do it again."

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“… you’re still a dick for rejecting me and for that there is one thing I’m going to do and then we can call it even.” Not even a moment after saying that, Syo moved up close and kissed Kanji. It was short and sweet, a simple kiss on the lips.

“There, now we’re even.”


The sudden kiss from the other caused Kanji’s eyes to widen, the blush that was on his face in the beginning returning. “Wh… YO WHAT THE HELL?! I DON’T THINK I REALLY DESERVED THAT!!”


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“K-Kanji you don’t… feel that way about me..? So cruel! I love you, but you don’t love me! Waaaaaaah!” The Shadow starts balling, rubbing his eyes as he cried from the other’s response. Clearly the choice of words did sit at all well with Syo.


"Whoa, h-hey c’mon, don’t cry!" Kanji placed both hands on the Shadow’s shoulders. "Look, I love you…as a friend. Now I know you don’t wanna hear that, but think about it. Ain’t that better than no love at all?" He smiled. "Love is nice no matter what form it comes in, y’know?"

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